Ghostbusters In Boiling Wells Lane Tunnel

It’s a top place down the boiling wells end of St Werburghs, and there’s a tunnel running under a railway line at the end of Boiling Wells Lane that never normally has much if any graf on it.

Spotted this there at the weekend though, that seemed all the better for being on its own.


Closer on the stencil, dunno how it fits with the text below it, or if it’s even meant to.



Filed under Bristol

2 responses to “Ghostbusters In Boiling Wells Lane Tunnel

  1. harrymac

    I hate that this unmarked tunnel has now been tagged, The Mina Rd tunnel seems to be working well with decent street art but still we have to paint over some crap tagging there. Leave the far tunnel alone. Sometimes a blank wall is ok – do you understand that?

  2. Vn

    dont know about the tunnel, but like the piece.. be happy. Getting bored of political messages now, sometimes minimal is best

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