Steal From Work Settle Down In The Long Arm Gallery


After a while running excellent pop up shows round the city, Steal From Work have finally found themselves a proper base back in one of the best venues, the old Bridewell Police Station complex. 

It’s going to be called the Long Arm Gallery, and will be running new shows on a monthly basis at the moment. First up is a show by Cept opening a week on Friday. Here’s more from them on it…

Bristol’s newest contemporary art gallery, The Long Arm Gallery, throws open its doors on Friday 20th February. Housed in the CID block of Bristol’s former central Police Station, The Long Arm Gallery continues Steal From Work’s mission to bring glory to Bristol’s unused spaces and bring new young art to the city.

We’ve spent the last year or so making use of some of Bristol’s ‘loveliest’ empty spaces to host much loved group and solo shows. Now we’re resting our wandering feet and opening a permanent space in a mouldy corner of the old Bridewell Police Station. 

One show every month or so, no set plan, no specific medium or genre and no rules.

The cops have long gone so now it’s our time to have some fun…

ADDRESS: The Old Bridewell Police Station

Bridewell Street

Bristol, BS1 3PY

GALLERY OPENING TIMES: Wednesday-Sunday – 12pm-7pm

FIRST SHOW: Cept – Galaxy Rays

OPENING NIGHT: Friday 20th February – 8pm-10.30pm

FFI CONTACT: stealfromwork AT gmail DOT com


Here’s a sample of some Cept for those as are unfamiliar.


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