Jody Paints Mack Daddy’s

One of the good things coming out of the Children of the Can book seems to have been the number of writers and artists from back in the day who are now re-enthused and getting back to it. 

One of them is Jody, and as a happy preview to him painting at Weapon of Choice this Tuesday, have got some photos of a couple of recent pieces he’s done for Mack Daddy’s in Colston Street. 

At work on the right hand piece…


..and again a bit closer. Love Mack Daddy’s for the way it lets people just get straight on it on the walls.


Another piece going on on the left. All freehand spraycan antics after an 18 year break, pretty impressive. 


The right hand piece finished…


…and the finished pair, framed rather nicely by some Inkie.


Go and check them out if you’re in the area. Haircut purchase not compulsory.


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