FROM – New Bristol T Shirt Label

The history of graffiti writers and artists producing T Shirts is a long one, from writers having T Shirts made of their work, to, well, T Shirts being made of writer’s work. 

But anyway, Bristol’s got as proud a history of it as any city, and a new label’s now been added to that list with some really tidy work. It’s done by people who’ve been in the business a long time, and who have put some real thought and care into choosing images for shirts from artists that actually work on a shirt, then printing them in a quality way, rather than just picking any old image and printing it cheaply. The artists are fully involved in the process too, and the whole thing’s going to work like a small independent record label, a collection of people working in similar ways, taking work from idea to release in short times and being more experimental at times. 

It’s also meant to be a way for people to get their hands on artists work in a more accessible way, given that some of these artists are now priced out of the range of the people who used to be able to pick up and enjoy what they did a few years back. 

So, the website for it is now live, and here’s some snaps of the sort of stuff they’ve got going on









There’s lots of other artists involved in this too, so go and check out the From store here!


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6 responses to “FROM – New Bristol T Shirt Label

  1. nice use of the puff additive Rob!

  2. £28.00 for a t-shit????good quality maybe but not outstanding work

  3. Adam Thoroughbegood

    28 quid with postage included is not that bad, really. It’s very much the top end of what I am willing to pay, but they do look quality.

    I ordered a Sickboy one a moment ago.

  4. chantal

    where are the girls ones aye?

  5. Adam Thoroughbegood

    A small might work for a girl, I suppose. Bully them about it, I am sure they could sort it out (

    I got my Sickboy one in the post today. Good stuff.

  6. letthemhang for t-shirts innit? any tees going on there?

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