Dicy Shares The Love…

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s Valentine’s Day coming up pretty sharpish, and Dicy’s come up with a pretty cool idea to save you having to grab that last bunch of wilted flowers from the 24 hour Tesco. 

Inspired by a piece done for his good lady wife, he’s producing a series of hand painted originals, not that many of them, and putting them on sale for one day only on the Let Them Hang site, from this Friday to this Saturday. They’ll be in the post next Tuesday and with you by Thursday, ready to get framed and give to the one you love, or perhaps wish to love, on Saturday. 

Thing is, everyone’s a bit worried about money at the moment, so he’s sharing the love even more by keeping them south of £50, postage included too.

It’s called ‘You Steal My Heart’ and here’s some preview pics…

full-image1web full-image2web

Close up on the stencil.


Please note, if giving this as a traditional anonymous valentine’s gift to someone you hope to get together with, remember to specify that whilst this picture may be signed by Dicy, it doesn’t mean he’s the one sending the anonymous gift. Nor is the title written on the bottom a personal message to the recipient from him. Else what started as a lovely valentine’s idea for his wife may end up backfiring on him badly. 


Have got hold of some snaps of his studio alongside this as well, which provides a pretty interesting insight into what he’s up to at the moment. Always think more pics of people’s studios/workspaces/whatever would make interesting content for the blog, through the keyhole style perhaps. Should get on it.

More Belton than you can shake a stick at.


Wonder what’s going on with the First Great Weston print at the back there…


…and is that some sort of Dicy and Toasters collab piece in the background of this one too?


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  1. The missus bought me one 🙂

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