New Park Street Piece

Thanks to Lance Igloo for the heads up on this one, a new piece on Park Street. Cross between a stencil and cutting political commentary, or something, with a touch of the multi media going on too, thanks to the paper notes coming out of it.


Seemingly unattributed so far, but you can make your guesses. Go on, someone email the Evening Post and tell them it’s Banksy.


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9 responses to “New Park Street Piece

  1. Adam Thoroughbegood

    I’m not in Bristol at the mo – whereabouts on Park Street is it?

  2. Adam Thoroughbegood

    That is poor form. I am in Bristol next weekend, was looking forward to seeing it. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  3. smile

    I saw this one being put up in broad daylight round about 2pm with a camera crew. The guy doing it looked liked a proper woodcutter in his mid 40’s…

  4. a non y mouse

    thats an SPQR if i’m not mistaken!!!

    can’t see the banksy’s for the woodcutters.

  5. a non y mouse

    nice stickers on the lamp post!

  6. SPQR

    that was my piece oh and by the way im not a woodcutter signed

  7. Ed

    yeah that looks boom

  8. Ed

    the question is, is there any room for any more stencil artists in bristol? whilst constantly being overshadowed by bansky and the fact that any new detailed stencil to pop up around bristol will not get the credit it deserves due to people pursuming it is a new banksy and they will say that “oh isnt that nice” but as soon as they realise that it is not a banksy there views will change back to “oh its disgraceful, its deffinatley not art!”

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