Acer Clifton Suspension Bridge Print

Hat tip for this one to, well, Acer’s blog obviously. Looks like that Canvas from the 12 Days show at the end of last year…




…is gonna be a print.

Going to be launched properly at the upcoming Royal West of England Academy show in March (must blog that properly soon), but for now the first 10 are half price (£65), and hand finished by the man himself into the bargain. It’s a word of mouth thing these 10, so if you fancy it get in touch very quickly, they’re moving pretty sharpish by all accounts.

The information you need is here.

UPDATE: All sold out by midday of the 27th! If you want one you’ll have to hang on til the proper launch at the RWA show, but keep an eye on Acer’s blog, you never know what the man will turn up next.

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