Wanna Paint A Merc?

Back last autumn, someone got in touch looking for people to paint up their mercedes (car painting seems to be a pretty regular request).

Anyway, glad to be of help, sent over some suggestions, and just heard back that the back of the car’s now been done by 3rd Eye and Dan.

3rd Eye on the side.


Dan on the back…


…and again.


With 3rd Eye taking the other side.


Thing is, that’s only the back of it done…


…so, the owner’s looking to get the rest of it painted now. Ideally by a bunch of people who work well together and might be interested in putting a bit of thought into a coherent piece for it. If anyone fancies it, get in touch to be put in touch!

Incidentally, same applies for anyone else looking for a paint job for their car/van/HGV/whatever and looking for some pointers. It’s fun when stuff like this comes together.


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4 responses to “Wanna Paint A Merc?

  1. bobby dazzler

    what a clever way to completely ruin your car

  2. patrick warren

    Best modified car I’ve seen in years

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