Kai On Lower Cheltenham Place

Thanks to Bristol Traffic for sending this one in, a quick snap of a work in progress by Kai on Lower Cheltenham Place. Still work to be done on it, will be interested to see it when it’s finished.


Something else spotted by Bristol Traffic round the same time and blogged about here, a load of people being taken on a guided tour of the street art/graf on Stokes Croft! That certainly didn’t sound plausible a couple of years ago, it’s not the first one that’s been done either.


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2 responses to “Kai On Lower Cheltenham Place

  1. it’s finished now, or more finished than that anyway, and there’s another one next to it. haven’t looked at the names though.

    do you (or anyone) know who these tours are organised by, and if they have a website? not that i want to go on one – i’m capable of navigating stokes croft on my own – but i’m writing my thesis and this sounds relevant…

  2. bristolgraffiti

    No idea, but would be very surprised if PRSC weren’t involved, or at least knew who was doing them. Get in touch through http://www.prsc.org.uk.

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