Old Eko Flyer

Flyer design is one of the offshoots of the Bristol graf scene that often gets overlooked, but in a weird way it’s been a good method for sharing pictures around for ages, and yet in a really disposable manner.

Never heard of anyone collecting graf on flyers before so doubt much has survived, but various people must have bits kicking around here and there. Here’s one that turned up over Christmas, a flyer with an Eko illustration from 2000.


Here’s the back so you can see what you missed. Or perhaps you didn’t?



Filed under Bristol, Eco

2 responses to “Old Eko Flyer

  1. tommy norris

    i got another one too !!!
    infact i remember saving a wedge of em i’ll dig em out and mail em to ya .[email that is !!!!!]

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Awesome, cheers, was hoping someone else might have some, look forward to seeing them!

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