Petro And Sickboy On Ashley Road

Big thanks to Jer force one for the heads up on this one, Petro and Sickboy painting last weekend down on the ‘practice boards’ at the end of Ashley Road.

Interesting in a way isn’t it, originally these boards were a PRSC project to encourage ordinary people to get out and practice painting, with questions being asked on them and people expected to paint in different sections to say yes or no to them. But pretty soon they’ve just been taken over by the graf community. As it should be really, would bet that people going past every day find the constant change of scene pretty interesting, and the turnover and speed of work on them is really fresh. There should be more boards like this round Bristol.

Anyway, crap light for photos today, here’s the whole thing…




…and Sickboy. Not sure who Robert Cotter and Mary Mundy are, but guessing this may be him and this may be her.



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4 responses to “Petro And Sickboy On Ashley Road

  1. jimbo

    is that a nazi reference, didnt think he had it in him..

  2. vermin

    nice to see a petro in Bristol

  3. Bilko

    Nice to see Vermin on here…!

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