Weapon Of Choice First Birthday

Well, a whole year on, and they’re queuing round the corner to get in. Crazy night, properly went off, still not convinced by dubstep to be honest, but they did drop some old skool Bristol drum ‘n’ bass later on, so all good.

Kai and Obese on the paint pen duty tonight, as a starter, here’s a quick snap from earlier today of that massive work they’ve been doing on Stokes Croft recently, opposite the end of Jamaica Street. Pretty finished now by the looks of things.


Did turn out to be next to impossible to get decent photos after a while, but, given the time and how many photos there are, here’s a gallery of shots from the WoC night tonight. Enjoy!

(as usual with wordpress galleries, they’re in a slightly odd order that no amount of playing with seems to fix, and the photo from above won’t get out of the gallery either, but meh, the pictures tell the story)

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