Vermin Back In The Day

Ta to the man himself for sending in this snap. A photo that should have made it into the Children of the Can book, but got missed and never sent in in the end. 

A top piece by Vermin, down at the Brislington Warehouse back in 1996. Don’t see enough of this sort of stuff anymore, this blog’s eyes are burning certainly. 



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6 responses to “Vermin Back In The Day

  1. Bilko

    My fav Vermin piece from back then…
    The photo doesnt do this one justice – it was huge, with the Freddy Kruger hand busting through the letters, made you feel a bit weirded out stood in front of it…
    Awesome piece – Nice one Mr Vermin

  2. VV Brown

    the disappearance of a certain kind of vibrancy in pieces over the last 10 years is something that has concerned me for ages. i don’t know whether to put it down to the general watering down of styles thanks to the internet, increasingly ubiquitous brands of paint (even civvies recognise the familiar orange labels of Molotow, the overuse of which, you could argue, produces a weird kind of ‘flat’ dullness on walls. some old timers will hopefully know what i mean) or even the fact that 35mm film gave everything a lovely saturated glow that never existed but is playing havoc with my memory! or maybe todays artists just suck 🙂

  3. vn

    thanks for the comments, piece was painted with Rowdy and Stylo (vop) as a production.

    quite agree with above comment. It would be nice to see more graffiti writers take more risk with style and colour schemes. Dont know whether I am bias but 92-98 had some sort of pure british syle. Dont see much raw graff about so much now. Dont see many people testing with social issues. But credit to everyone who enjoys what they do regardless.

  4. Bilko

    Get Rid Of The Stress
    With the snapping rope in the middle of Stylos piece…
    and the Frankenstien portrait was awesome.
    Quality production – what a shame that wall isnt about to paint nowerdays – that one was better than the production wall at Bedmo!

  5. bristolgraffiti

    Sounds pretty cool indeed, anyone got any more photos of it?

  6. there is some vintage footage of Bris warehouse on youtube. search for ‘bristol graffiti 1997’ and you will find it.

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