No Gears Night At The Cube

Do you like singlespeed and/or fixed gear bikes? Do you like small cinemas off King Square? Do you like film? Do you like artists such as 45RPM, Black Cloud, Jam Factory and Sums? Do you like standing, sitting, breathing and possibly interacting with other human beings within or near contexts such as these? Perhaps you even like music?

If the answer to any or all of the above is yes, you may be interested in a night coming up at the Cube Cinema off King Square on Friday the 23rd of January.


The Cube website has this to say about the night.

Fri 23rd – 7.30pm – £4adv

An evening of film, art and music dedicated to singlespeed and fixed gear bikes, presented by Denim and 45rpm.

In the auditorium screenings of some of the finest fixed gear footage available, featuring riders from New York and San Francisco, as they battle traffic, showoff their skills, explore urban environments and injure themselves. Featuring the incredible stories of amazing riders and modelled on the style of skate andsurf videos, these films bring out the style and beauty of fixed gear riders,and are landmarks in the emerging subculture of urban riding.

The venue will be taken over by Street artist 45rpm who alongside friends will be providing work associated with the single speed/fixed gear bike culture. Artists so far confirmed include Sums, Black Cloud, and 45rpm himself.

Music in the bar from Nadoone (Illegal Seagull/Splashback) playing hardcore, skatecore & fixedcore!!

So why not take a wander down and check it out?

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