Back At It…

Slightly longer pause than expected that, but have been digging in the crates for some stuff that seemed lost for a good while. Lots of interesting old bits to bring in the New Year then, including the flyer from Banksy’s show at Eat The Beat in late 2000, and what could well be the first Banksy interview ever published, from before the Severnshed show. Lots of old photos from the late 90’s have turned up too, and should be on here soon enough.

Anyway, here’s a couple of bits of interest from back in the day, Glastonbury Festival 2000 if memory serves.

First this Souls On Fire wall, which was where the Glade area is now, in fact they still have boards in pretty much this position to this day.


Also, this was Banksy’s contribution to his usual spot on the fence at the top of the sacred space/stone circle field back in 2000. Who said he never just tagged his name?



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4 responses to “Back At It…

  1. Your audience is wider than you might think. Keep’em comin’.

  2. Mammal

    More, more, more. This site is awesome. More Bold Banksy pics asap. Excellent work.

  3. bristolgraffiti

    Hah, sorry both, been a bit of a hiatus despite best intentions. Definitely back on it now. Famous last words…

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