Jeffrow And The Fridges

It’s been ages since Jeffrow was out and about, but now he’s back with a little project. Always a fan of kitchen white goods, Jeffrow’s plan is to go round Bristol finding dumped fridges and asking the owner if they fancy having a piece done on the front of them. There are 4 images, which will be done in limited amounts over the next while to create a set you can go around Bristol collecting.

Here’s one from earlier this week…


…the top…


…and the bottom. Cydermen!


That one didn’t last long, less than 24 hours.


So now there’s another.


Keep an eye out round and about Bristol then to pick yourself up a free Jeffrow piece. Or a new fridge door with free artwork, depending on how you look at it.


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5 responses to “Jeffrow And The Fridges

  1. I got a great Jefrow fridge door in Guerrilla Galleries at the moment

  2. Me

    How do you “ask the owner” of a DUMPED fridge?

    Nice pieces.

  3. bristolgraffiti

    See it outside the house, knock on the door and ask i guess!

  4. Heh….. good job… nice one,
    but ‘fraid I beat him to it on the Bristol cyberfridge scene:

  5. Jef Row

    Thanks Doppelganger, liking your eighties Cyberman, had not seen that one before. Street Fridges are good places to hit with stencils eh?
    If you check out Tristan Manco’s book ‘Stencil Graffiti’ you’ll notice Ive been hittin em for a long while now.
    The Fridge is a powerful symbol of where we have found ourselves, being a long way from the hunter gatherers we once were. I like to try and hint at that when I paint them, hence mine are Cydermen.
    Have a Great Christmas.

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