PRSC Gallery And Auction

So, the PRSC project is becoming more self funding, and has finally sorted out that the way to do this with art coming out of their ears is to set up a permanent gallery and sell stuff on. The gallery opened last Friday night, and is a dry run for setting up the first permanent gallery in Stokes Croft in the new year, something that kinda has to happen if the place is to be ‘Bristol’s cultural quarter’ really.

There’s a whole load of different stuff in there, from pieces from fairly well known artists to four pieces done by homless people from the area. Totally democratic and open to all then, and all really nicely laid out too. The PRSC folks should go and be management consultants the way they sort so much professional looking stuff  out on a shoestring budget. Still though, goes to show that where’s there’s a will…

So, the pieces, first up a chicken stencil. none of the pieces have names on, so hard to be sure who they’re by, but think this one may fit in with other ones that have been on here before.


All sorts of work here, not just graf, or stencil, big wide range.


This was an interesting wall…


…don’t see these as much as you used to…


…and could have sworn those helicopter stencils are Banksy ones, but apparently they’re not, and having checked some old photos of Banksy helicopters, they are slightly different. Odd coincidence!


More bits on the other wall…


…including some very much graf based pieces.


Along from that these bits…


…love the Magic piece top right there.


Wouldn’t be the PRSC without postcards and souvenir rock would it?


With the massive fear of offending someone, think this may be one of the works by a local homeless person. Text over the top reads ‘Messed up crying drunk’ and down the left it says ‘Getting better’. Really cool to see this sort of work in here too, in a weird sort of way.


More bits down the other side.


A big work on the back wall, comedy.


A BS51 ‘Silver surfer’ piece.


And one of the skeleton stencils you see round that area a fair bit.


Like the piece that used to be down by the end of Ashley Road, only smaller…


…and with authentic street commentary too by the looks of it.


Finally this crazy piece about the crazyness that’s going on round there at the moment.


The big party for it all, and the close of the auction, is next Friday night (19th December), have a wander in if you’re in the area, it’s all starting at 99p, and is all being sold for a good cause to boot.

UPDATE: For those who haven’t been that way before, it’s at the Stokes Croft end of Jamaica Street, ‘opposite the back of the brothel’ as the direction goes.


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  1. Oh cool, have to wander up for a nose!

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