Stokes Croft Kicks Off

So, dunno what you’re up to over the next couple of days, but if you fancy heading over to Stokes Croft, it seems like there’s a whole bunch of art/street art/graf related stuff going on.

Tonight, there’s an opening night for a show at the Container Arts Gallery on King’s Square Avenue (one of those roads running from Stokes croft up to Jamaica Street). Looks like just a properly arty thing, but still, may be of interest to some perhaps. Here’s the flyer.


Then, tomorrow night (Friday the 12th), you’ve got the opening of the new ’12 Days of Xmas’ show as mentioned before. Venue’s looking really good for it, completely different from last time, should be fun.


Then on the same night at the same time, PRSC are going to be launching an art auction at their HQ (35 Jamaica Street), running until the 19th December. Here’s the chat…


Art at the price the market will bear –  borrowing liberally from the idea of eBay! Come and place a real world bid on locally produced Artworks at the new PRSC HQ…

Opening party, with free drink on your first bid, 12th December 2008. Bids start at 99p, then increments of £2 minimum.

Closing party, 19th December 2008, when bidding closes and winners are announced.

Then, between the two of the, the Emporium (next to the City Centre Sauna) is being reopened for the first time in yonks to feature a show of photography and the like. Looks pretty cool, there’s more on it on Bristol Leftymedia.


There’s also loads of new work going up around Stokes Croft at the moment as well, as you’d expect with this much going on.

Here’s a Paris piece that went up a couple of weekends ago, next to the Emporium…


Whilst on Hamilton House (next to the ‘Mild Mild West Banksy’, this piece has been going up, here’s it as it was a couple of days ago.


Bit Eine like there in the middle.


There’s gonna be more work going up at the moment and over the next few days apparently, so keep an eye out if you’re round that way.


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2 responses to “Stokes Croft Kicks Off

  1. Me

    Is that “EVERYBODY” done? Not too be critical but it looks pretty shit with the white lines just on “YBODY”.

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