Smart Crew Cares


A while back there was a piece here about the Xenz work outside his Shoreditch show getting tagged over by, amongst others, the Smart Crew. Having been auctioned off, the work was about to change hands for a large amount of money in aid of prostate cancer, but with the tagging the sale and so the donation seemed to fall through.

No long term harm though, Xenz sorted the charity angle with some other work a bit later, and to be fair, there was nothing on the boards to tell anyone this, and the Smart Crew weren’t the first to be tagging over the piece anyway, just perhaps the shiniest.

But now, as they put it ‘This year, we felt that karma’s a bitch, so we are giving back to NYC…”.

Very cool idea (especially some of the stuff the crew themselves have donated…), check out the full story

Smart Crew Cares

Graffiti gives back to NYC this Holiday Season

New York, NY, December 1, 2008 – Who said graffiti could only have a negative affect on the community? This Holiday Season, the Smart Crew is proud to announce the commencement of a special new holiday tradition through the launch of SMART CREW CARES, a creative, multi-faceted campaign designed to give back to New York City. In the spirit of giving and receiving essential to the holiday season, the Smart Crew has set up dozens of “Donation/Redemption Centers” throughout the five boroughs in an effort to provide members of the New York City community with indispensable items that they will cherish forever (or just have temporary fun with.)

From Dec 1, 2008—Jan 3, 2009, everyone is encouraged to donate (anything that someone else may want) to these boxes. Donatable items can include anything from canned goods to new skis (Please, no garbage). Those in need can redeem gifts donated to the Centers with a limited edition SMART CREW CARES voucher/postcard (cards seen on website: These cards will be randomly distributed for free throughout the city so keep an eye out for them (one gift per voucher please; don’t be greedy.) To kick off the program, Smart Crew has donated many items including brand new PS2 games, MINT condition Ralph Lauren clothing, Presto white out pens, “Idiot’s Guide to Investing in Stocks,” Brooklyn Brewery beer tokens, NYPD shot glasses, 2009 Day Planners, Dutchmasters, Phillies, Smart Crew t-shirts, Stickers, Fat Caps, canned food, and much more!

The one-of-a-kind, postcard/vouchers, may also be used as mail-able gifts for friends and family—You can even collect or eBay these limited edition cards for extra cash. Smart Crew is aware that times are tough in this recession, and wants to help all those who are not as fortunate. The SMART CREW CARES program ends January 3, 2009. All items remaining in the drop boxes will be donated to a charity of our choice. In the spirit of the Holidays, please donate to SMART CREW CARES today!

For more information about the SMART CREW CARES program and a complete list of Donation/Redemption Center hours and locations, please visit the SMART CREW CARES website:

Wonder if anything like this could happen in here in Bristol. More to the point, let’s hope it doesn’t have to…

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  1. ozz

    detractors to this blog could set up an online donation/redemption thing here :

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