Children Of The Can – Launch Night


As you can see from the above, not the sort of night that lends itself to photos really, but still would be odd to let it pass without comment. So, Thursday night saw the official launch of the Children of the Can book down at the Arnolfini. Was kind of invite only, but no-one seemed to be checking things too much.

Nothing formal really went on, just a whole collection of Bristol writers and artists from way back in the day to the present day hanging out drinking and chatting. Really nice friendly vibe to the whole evening, lots of people running around getting their books signed, and occasional moments of people wondering if someone was a writer who should sign their book, or just some random person also looking for signatures. Wouldn’t be surprised if there are some odd signatures in some people’s books.

The nicest thing about it though was the way so many people were meeting up again after so many years. Kinda like an old school reunion, or Felix being Justin Lee Collins for the night with an episode called ‘Bring back…Bristol Graffiti’.

Wasn’t just people catching up, it was great to see some people who’d stopped painting years ago talking about getting back into it, making plans to go out painting together again. Interesting too to see people’s surprise at how things had changed over the years, how people now go out and get permission to paint in many cases, and on the flipside how many people are now keen to give permission for their walls to be painted. Must be quite a culture shock if you stopped painting years ago.

So, a top night for a top book, props once again to Felix for the whole thing!

P.S. As an aside, saw this on the way over there, someone’s turned the statue of John Cabot into a tragi-comic clown. Looks like it’ll clean off ok, but actually quite adds some thing to it in a way…


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One response to “Children Of The Can – Launch Night

  1. tommy norris

    john cabot’s lost his circus now, thats why he’s sad …

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