Sickboy’s London Show Review


Back then form the opening night of Sickboy’s new solo show in trendy shoreditch, and damn had a lot of work gone into it. All set up in a single old tramshed on Rivington Street, it featured a whole load of different work, and a huge fantasy house thing that you could win, and probably still can if you get down there soon enough.

So, the house. This was it, right in the middle of the venue, crazy bonkers thing, yet also quite cool. No sign of a full size temple to walk through though sadly, must have been dropped as an idea and replaced with this somewhere along the way.


Closer up on the front and the lovely flower boxes. Didn’t check if the flowers were real, but they looked it.


Just by the front door, there was this conveyor belt sticking out, which dispensed hand made sweets in special printed and signed packets throughout the show.


Round the left side there was a wall for the prints for the show, four of them in the end.


Then round the back, various things, a back garden bench, some more prints…


…and that postbox from the preview photos, used for posting your key into after you’d written your details on it, to be in with a chance of winning the house (a fact BBC London news turned up to cover). Bet you’ll see keys on ebay later today.


Ever safety conscious, the man himself added a last minute warning to the back door…


…wise words.


Inside the back room of the house was a whole load of stuff, much of it from back in the day which was cool to see. Not sure about this one though, more recent.


Some of this stuff was more templey…


…this piece was pretty cheap as it went…


…this piece less so, else would have bought it.


Kinda like the stuff that was in Graffle this year.


And funny to see one of these old prints having been held back for the show.


This thing was in the corner too, no idea what it was.


The front room had a lovely view of the flowers along with some temple wallpaper.


And the side room was where the sweets were made and packaged up during the night before being put on the conveyor.


The house had some odd little boxes set into the side with scenes like this…


…and one of those model temples that sadly never happened in the end.


Along the side of the room were a whole load of huge pics hanging up…


…like this one…


…and these…


…and these…


…and these…


…and these.


Really quite liked the last one, less scary and more to do with the old Sickboy theme of TV.


Back side wall had some of these on it…


…and some smaller paintings like the ones on the main wall. Still a good few grand each though.


In front of the house there were loads of boards on poles stuck in grassed over plant pots, fitting with the house theme. Each had at least one print or painting on them, some of the prints from over the last year or so, and some stuff like this, surprisingly cheap in comparison to other stuff.


As was this.


Four big letter canvasses on the back wall, really cheap given the size. The right one said ‘free your mind and your ass will follow’, which is as true today as it’s ever been.


Above the letter canvasses, the cage and the balloon from the show flyer, set it off really well.


The show opened quite late in the end due to various last minute issues, not surprising given the complexity of it all really. A shame for those queuing when it was so stupidly cold though. There was a VJ set up to project stuff onto the house as well, hard to capture the range of projections in photos of course, but set it off really interestingly.


One last shot of the place all set up…


…before the doors opened and the queue round the block started heading in. Guest list only, something like 2000 applicants for 500 tickets apparently.


A cool show then, lots of top work, and tons of effort gone into it. He set himself a big task with this one, and had a huge team helping in the run up to it, but it all went pretty smoothly. Little things like the low lighters for the big paintings being left on the floor where crowds were walking and thus kicked to death in a thousand accidents were a shame, but top marks to the man, did what he wanted to do how he wanted to do it.

You really should check it out if you’re in the area, it’s great.

UPDATE: Ha ha ha, a key and a sweet on ebay already!


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4 responses to “Sickboy’s London Show Review

  1. Me

    Lol @ that ebay listing “may be edible”. Hw much do you think he expects to get? Rofl.

  2. Low

    Just heard a good piece on Front Row, Radio 4, about the Bristol graffiti scene.

    Street Art in Bristol
    Banksy is the most famous street artist to emerge from Bristol – a city which has been at the centre of graffiti art in the UK since the early 80’s. As a new book launches chronicling 25 years of the street art story in Bristol, Front Row visits the city to meet the people who made it happen. A unique cultural mix, the unprecedented success of a cult movie and a massive undercover police operation all helped define the Bristolean brand of aerosol art, and opened the doors to what is now one of the fastest growing areas of the art market.

  3. etch1

    Good to see Charlie doing so well. Sickboy is, well, er, sick.

    Fair play…


  4. Me

    “the unprecedented success of a cult movie”

    What’s that?

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