Children Of The Can – The Weekend’s Painting

Getting to this one a little late annoyingly, but can’t be helped. Was, by all accounts, freezing down there over the weekend when the painting was going on, but everyone seemed to have fun.

So, as mentioned before, to go with the launch of ‘Children of the Can‘, Felix pulled off a bit of a coup and got it arranged to paint the boards outside the current industrial museum redevelopment, boards people had been eying enviously since the Bristol Festival and before.

The piece as a whole is a timeline of Bristol Graf, from some of the first writers to some of the most recent ones, with some people painting (with a spray can at least) for the first time in ages.

Annoyingly, with all the boats now moored up, presumably for the winter, it’s hard to get a good view of the whole thing from across the river.


Still though, starting from the far left as you look at it, it kinda builds up with some random pieces…


…an initial Paris…


…and accompanying Milk.


This is sweet, done by Joe i guess.


Not strictly keeping to the timeline, which should start here, Andy Council. Although the piece hints back to the early days of graf in a way doesn’t it.


Next up Cheba with one of his Brunel characters.


The man behind today’s events, Flx, with some top work.


Inkie couldn’t make it down for the weekend, but should be getting his piece up later in the week.


Back to the old skool, Source.


Next to Kato writing ‘ASK’. What can it mean? You may well ask.


Side by side, Turroe and Shimz, don’t see enough of their work round still.


Closer on Turroe…


…likewise Shimz, really like them both.


First time Jody’s painted with a spray can for 18 years apparently. Damn shame, the man’s a legend (check his work in the Children of the Can book too for more).


Lokey on fine form as ever, with a firm understanding of web marketing to boot!


Teaoh next to…


…Cheo, with Deed in the middle there.


Unfortunate really that the first painting done on these boards a few months back was done right in the middle, as it breaks up the flow of the timeline a bit. Still though, 3rd Eye’s work’s tidy…


…and kinda cool to see a bunch of random kids right in the middle of all this work.


This one raised a smile, Pen and Boswell on typically dark form…


…with a sign right by them titled ‘My Perfect Bristol’. Wonder if the placing was deliberate.


Dicy made it down in the end, also writing ASK, with a reference in there to Poppa Acer too!


Soker and Feek working together again…


…love the names intertwined (though can’t confess to having spotted that initially…)


Feek with the character again, All Suckers Krushed.


Rounding it off, Ponk on the end.


Next along another slot for Paris…


And Milk next door (with a birthday shout to Acer, a whole lot of love going on).


Sepr, Epok and Kaione put together a huge piece, only finished off yesterday. This is the left…


…and this the right.


Rowdy with what looks like some kinda wordsearch, love it.


45RPM representing for the WHAT lot this weekend.


Not entirely sure this was meant to be there, Song on a slot marked out for Seza.


Good to see Magic, Voyder and 3Dom all getting out together at the same time on this one…


…close up on Magic and Voyder…


…with some top work by 3Dom at the other end.


Haker doing his own thing a bit further down.


And finally, rounding it off right at the end, a space put aside for the next next generation…


…including Prankz, keener than mustard.


All told, the length of board is bloody huge, runs right down to that crane at the end there, and this photo wasn’t even taken right from the other end.


So, some bits still to be finished off, and a timeline to be added over the top of it all as well. It should all hopefully be there for a while, and there’s talk of more jams going on there at some point in the future. About bloody time, and all credit to Felix for sorting it out in amongst everything else that must be going on at the moment.

Go and check it all out, and once again, if you haven’t bought the book yet, then do!

(Props to Lokey for the guided tour for this post too!)


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7 responses to “Children Of The Can – The Weekend’s Painting

  1. tommy g

    Fresh stuff writers of Bristol- it gets hotter and hotter everytime i get back!

  2. jamie

    your an idiot you have no idea about graffiti this blog is full of miss representation. nothing on this blog is off any worth. a couple of posts back you failed to recognize a petro piece which says it all. your comment about a piece that was ‘Not meant to be on this wall’ is another example of your and the books stupidity and embarrassingly small view of bristol graffiti. close this blog its shit..

  3. bristolgraffiti

    Thanks for that Jamie, Jimbo, Spector or whoever you are. Well, feel free to send in stuff for the blog if you think there’s stuff it should be covering, you can write for it if you want to too. It’s not one person’s blog or just written by one person, so you’re more than welcome to.

    As for the piece that wasn’t meant to be on that bit of board, well, apparently it wasn’t. It was marked out for Seza and Song put a piece there overnight. Fair enough, not bothered about that either way really, but don’t shoot the messenger huh?

    Out of interest, are you saying that the Children of the Can book is full of stupidity and has an embarrassingly small view of Bristol Graffiti too?

  4. josh

    get fucked jamie,
    this guys odbiously put a huge amount of time and effort into making this blog.for what so you can slag him off about it?

  5. Jamie’s comments got nowt to do with me mate. Could it be more than one person thinks your blog’s a piece of shite? A waste of webspace? A clueless missrepresentation of somthing we care about? That Song piece is one of the best things on the wall, and its a dreg dub. If you want someone who shouldn’t have been there on the wall, look no further than that talentless bint Milk. Her chapter in Bristols great graff history is a brief, pointless one.

  6. bristolgraffiti

    Fair enough man, sorry, take that back then if that’s not the case, you’re just all resolving to the same IP address in the comments section.

    Sure some people don’t like the blog, others i know do, and i really wish people who don’t like it would go and start their own, or at least contribute to put stuff on here that they do want to see. Criticism’s fine, but it gets a bit boring when there’s nothing constructive in it for what critics would like to see done differently. It’s not any one person’s blog at the end of the day.

    The only bit i really don’t get is how the angry crowd seem to see their own personal opinions as so damn objective. Like they’re just right, and that’s that, with no consideration of the fact that their view might just be their view. Guess that’s the graf scene itself in a way, but still, seems odd at times, and it’s quite a conservative thing, like no-one can or should ever do anything different from ‘x’.

    There’s stuff that’s covered here that i’m not as keen on as other stuff, but still, it’s all part of the bigger picture and the aim is that all gets treated equally. Doing things differently is how things keep moving, everything different was a break from the past at one point or another.

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