Guerrilla Galleries Is One!

This is pretty darn cool, more on it later…

To celebrate its first birthday Guerrilla Galleries is having an unfeasibly fashionable show – and you’ve got an invite.

At the opening party knees-up that kicks off on 5th December at 7pm, there’ll be a for-one-night-only-never-to-be-repeated birthday edition live screen print signed and numbered in your presence and oof it’ll be lulli

live painting, live print making, lots of artwork for sale at affordable prices, pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey. The last two were made up. Unless someone brings a donkey.

Artwork on show (and for sale) include new works from Ghostboy, Sums, Inkie, 45 RPM, plus a massive and awesome installation piece by Ziml – sections of which will be available to buy on the opening night at a discounted price. Jim Starr, Cheba and 3rd Eye’s art will also be up for grabs. Ideal for Christmas presents, right kids?

“I was too drunk to remember my own first birthday, so I’m quite looking forward to this one,” slurred gallery owner Julian Monaghan, in his especially shaved birthday suit, which is a tad more wrinkled than last year.

As it’s close to Christmas and a birthday celebration too, Satan’s little helpers will hand out the mulled lager and slices of the fairy liquid cake. If you’re lucky yule get stuffed.

This show will sadly be the last show at Guerrilla Galleries current space but will open it’s doors at a new venue in the new year… watch this space for updates.

Dates: Friday 5 – 23 December

Venue: Guerrilla Galleries, 140-142 Gloucester Road, Brizzle, BS7 8NT


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5 responses to “Guerrilla Galleries Is One!

  1. I’ve got wonder how somone like Inkie feels these days, I mean a pioneer, a real fuckin legend in his time, and he’s mentioned alongside names like “Ghostboy, Sums, 45 RPM, Jim Starr, Cheba and 3rd Eye” who the FUCK are half those people, and who fuck do the other half think they are!?

  2. Bilko

    Do you really care?
    Isnt life too short to winge on forums about newer artists just doing their own thing…?

  3. josh

    and anyway even inkie starte dof as a beginner whos 2 say they dont become as well known as him 45 ,sums and cheba are all artist that hav worked for there place in it and so have the rest so 2 people like myself thoose artist are people 2 give a fuk about as i see more of there work now adays than inkie ?

  4. LegendT

    Horrible Hank: If you think that people are not interested in Ghostboy, Sums, 45 RPM, Jim Starr, Cheba and 3rd Eye as well as Inkie then you’re just out of touch with whats going on. These guys are working hard and are gaining a rep based on good work just as people like Inkie have previously.

  5. I don’t think it’s the fact people are interested in them thats the problem for Hank, i think it’s more that Inkie’s mentioned alongside names like that.

    I guess it’s like if your favourite band was the Rolling Stones, and you saw they were going on tour with Busted and McFly. You’d be like, what the fuck, the Rolling Stones are awesome, you know, they fucking rock, and here are all these young fakers, churning out unorigional bollocks and geting just as much attention as some real fuckin awesome band who paved the way for these talentless little fucks! They’ve brought nothing to the table, they’ve not pushed any boundries, they are a carbon copy, quick fix thing for people who dont know any better.

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