Round The M32

It’s a good spot round Junction 3 of the M32, and wandering through the other day, thought it worthwhile to grab some pics of what’s there at the moment, as there’s always something going on.

All the entrances to the pedestrianised roundabout style walkway have been painted, this one with some TCF antics if memory serves.


Bit more detail on the left hand side there.


On this tunnel was this stencil of a sweary little kid, quite well done, if an odd subject matter.


This tunnel over towards St Werburghs way was an odd mix of characters and tagging, would look good with one big piece over it now really.


Another stencil, kid with a rocket launcher, bet people think it’s Banksy.


Was going to say this more fine art winter scene has been done over where a Paris and Mudwig piece from last year was, but digging in the crates it looks like that may have been somewhere else.


This wall running up here’s always pretty good for stuff, check it out when you’re next round that way, real mix of styles.


The TCF piece from the top of the blog is still going strong, good to see.


Can you tell we’re on the border of St Werburghs and Easton?


This bit gets around the web in photos a lot, some telephone exchange boxes or the like in the centre of the junction, Dan on the left and Cyclops on the right.


Closer on the Cyclops…


…and likewise on the Dan.


There loads more round this small area that hasn’t been blogged on here yet, but that’s the point really, get over there when you’re next in the area and check it all out for yourself!

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