New Around Stokes Croft

Been a few different bits cropping up around Stokes Croft and the whole PRSC area of late, seems things are getting moving there once again.

This building’s had it’s front cleared, the fencing taken down and is apparently soon to open up as some sort of sustainability centre, mean to find out more about it all soon.


Closer on the PRSC trademark stencil lettering.


Building just up and opposite was repainted this weekend too, really not sure what’s going on with this piece…


…cos there’s Ziml of the TCF obviously…


…and want to say Paris on this piece, but doesn’t seem quite right…


…and no idea on this one.


Bit further down a guy was painting this at the weekend, possibly the same guy who was wearing PRSC branded overalls, a nice touch.


Further down still, a building that’s been derelict since pretty much forever is now getting reopened by the look of it, wonder if the compulsory purchase order on it went through, or if people are just getting on with it.


Nice the way the last piece on there is getting chopped around and kept.


Finally, to the dismay of the conspiraloons, the 3Dom piece has gone, waiting for something else to take its place no doubt.



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8 responses to “New Around Stokes Croft

  1. blue

    the two pieces you couldn’t identify are by Egs CDC from Finland, and Petro TFW from Kent/London. both ‘world famous’ writers although that is a relative term these days. pick up the book Overground (Dokument Forlag, 2003) for more on Egs.

    and i’m glad that 3dom piece has gone, it was terrible!

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Awesome, thanks!

  3. bobby dazzler

    gasface with the piece on the red building

  4. there’s new original pieces and a collaborative print from egs, pinky and russell maurice (gasface) at our gallery on gloucester rd (friend & co.)… the group show opened on saturday and runs till december 5th…

  5. A non 'E' mouse

    big up petro! (too big to be human)

  6. Chairman LMAO

    Once again showing utter cluelessness when it comes to decent graffiti thats not by some k’d up hippy in a St Werburghs tunnel..

  7. Re: renovation of emporium
    there is going to be an exhibition in the emporium of photographs of abandoned and empty spaces happening mid December.

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