Sickboy In The Studio

Thanks to Stephen for sending these over, some photos of Sickboy working in the studio on pieces for his upcoming show blogged here the other day. The folder they came is is marked exclusive, but think some of them may have been on the web already. Either way, interesting stuff.

Arty intro shot to start with, like what you’d get in the Observer. Do like that temple postbox thing.


Seems like as well as lots of time and money, there are some pretty big pieces going into this exhibition too.


You can take the tagger off the streets, but you can’t, erm, well, like, expect him to, like, stop tagging his own studio, or, or something.


Close up of the man at work…


…and on the temple letter box thing. Assume that’s what it is anyway.


Presumably working on the design of the crazy house that’s going to be given away to someone who finds the right key. A very cool idea.


Closer upper on the design.


Is that a model of it in the background there too?


Working on the face…


…of an alarm clock for the show. Curiouser and curiouser, really looking forward to seeing how this all comes together now!


By the way, all photography in this one is by Go click the link.


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