Vote For Boswell

The online Street Art Awards are on at the moment, where you can vote for your favourite piece of ‘street’ or ‘urban’ art. So, all a bit sanitised, and there’s some real rubbish from some billy stencils on there, but if you fancy supporting Bristol and the west country, then Boswell’s just chucked a piece into the mix that’s worth voting for.

It’s the one that was on the PRSC practice wall at the end of Ashley Road a few months back.


You have to register to vote on the site, but Boswell’s actually doing quite well at the moment and is in with a chance of winning, so why not head over and give this piece some props?

Only warning is that the site has the worst registration system ever. You have to enter a username, password and email and CAPTCHA, get sent an email, click on a link to ‘activate’ your account, then enter your details all over again to log in. The email you’re sent contains your password in an unencrypted format as well, so make sure you use a random one. No wonder voting’s pretty low at the moment.

But worth the few minutes it takes to see a prize brought back to Bristol huh?

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One response to “Vote For Boswell

  1. The “Official” Street Art Awards… because there’s a board of retired artists somewhere that validated the organisation. Good grief.

    Boswell’s a bit of alright though innee!

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