Newsround (up)

So, fair few different things coming up at the moment, and seemed an idea to lump them all into one post, as multiple posts for them would be extravagant.


First up, to go with the impending launch of ‘Children of the Can’, there’s going to be some live painting going on. Not just any old live painting, but the sort of thing that a long term writer like Felix can sort out, 20 plus writers down by the docks (think of any obvious spots?) on the weekend of the 29th and 30th November (so the weekend after next). Should be pretty darn special, and there may be some other surprises going on around this too, so keep an eye out.


In related news, the Weapon of Choice lot are pondering branching out somewhat, with talk of a magazine and even perhaps some sort of gallery space. If anyone wants to get in touch with them with a view to sponsorship or the like, then email cheba_bristol AT


Next up, the press release for Sickboy’s upcoming London show has gone out, and it looks really interesting. Perhaps a sign of the times, it starts with…

He has been tipped by the leading financial press as one of the street art movement’s most investable artists

But goes on to say

but Sickboy refuses to play by the rules of the mainstream art industry. Turning down offers by auction houses and galleries, the British artist defiantly stays true to his ‘outsider’ roots – as evidenced by the caged heart installation he dropped outside The Tate Modern earlier this week in response to the corporate backing of a graffiti show held there recently.

Which is nice.

The most interesting bit is

This December the highly-anticipated Stay Free exhibition, his first major solo show, sees Sickboy transform a Victorian Grade II listed building in east London into a 3D creative playground, bringing in inspiration from the children’s story ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’…

…This show sees Sickboy challenging convention once again by allowing one lucky guest to inherit his Stay Free Factory – an art installation worth £20K. Spanning over 14ft, his Stay Free Factory installation – which will be bequeathed to one guest – features custom-designed windows, a veranda, and even a conveyor belt. 1,000 golden keys will be released during his Stay Free show from December 3, and the person whose key fits the lock will become the new owner of the Factory.

Should be a fun show then.


Finally, spotted this round the interwebs the other day. Definitely a nominee for the lamest attempt to tie Banksy into a local news story.

The elusive artist whose identity remains somewhat of a mystery is rumoured to have attended the Upfest Urban Paint festival where the world’s top 40 street artists came together to showcase their talents.

Among them was Wickford’s Daniel Kitchen- er who spent four hours creating a vibrant eight-foot high robot mural.

The 33-year-old from Nevendon Road, believes its highly likely Banksy was at the event as it was held in his home town of Bristol.

Mr Kitchener, a former pupil of Billericay School, said: “It’s hard to say for sure as hardly anyone knows what he looks like, but this was a huge urban art event promoted across the world. Seeing as he is the graffiti king and that it was held in his home town, it’s seem unlikely he wouldn’t be there.”

Apart from the fact that people do know what he looks like, especially people at an event like that, and that he left Bristol years ago, and he had a show on in New York at the time, yeah, he probably was there. Or something.

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