Temwa Graffiti Xmas Cards

Thanks to Art-el for pointing this one out, some charity christmas cards from the TCF crew, raising money for Temwa. As the site says…

Temwa’s Graffiti Christmas cards are a range of bespoke designs by Bristol’s premiere graffiti collective, the TCF Crew. The five Christmas-inspired designs were created by graffiti artists AJI, SEZA, EKO, XENZ and ZIML. You no longer have to send boring old generic Christmas cards to all your friends, you can now send a piece of art.

They’re pretty interesting in a way, not your standard graffiti, but you can see the styles in there all the same.









Only £4 a pack, and there’s one by Aji that’s not pictured on the site too. Go on, you know you want to get some, the people it’s helping are certainly grateful! (picture courtesy of Paris)


Click here now, buy some, then go about your day…

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