Friend And Co. Gallery New Show


It’s been going over a month now, and there’s a new show coming up at the Friend and Co. Gallery on Gloucester Road. Featuring Egs, Pinky and Russell Maurice, it opens on the 22nd of November at 7pm, nice to see a gallery opening on a Saturday night for a change rather than the traditional Thursday.

Here’s the flyer antics…


Haven’t actually blogged photos of the stuff round it yet either, the results of what was rumored a while back. So, all over the web at the moment, there’s this top piece by Acer (which ties in with the print he’s blogging about at the moment too, nearly done!)


Also tying in with that print in a roundabout way is what’s going up on this wall. It’s needed painting for ages, always had bits on it, but has now been properly set about by Paris and more recently Ziml thanks to the gallery.


Closer up on Paris’s side…


…and Ziml’s.


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