Round Cato Street

With the ‘Not Just Banksy’ event going on today, it seems appropriate to blog some stuff from over on Cato Street in Easton at last. It’s odd, it’s one of the best representations of Bristol graf in a small area, all around the Mivart Street Studios, yet it tends to get over looked on the ‘tourist trails’ for those following it.

There’s tons more round this area, so will blog it in bits, but here’s some Cato Street stuff for starters.

Remember the news about the Banksy painting that was to be sold with a free house back at the start of last year, but then got vandalised? Well, this is it at the moment, not much different from when it was gone over.


This end took it the worst by the look of it…


…the other end coming out relatively fine. Shame it’s gone as it was a top piece, but guess if people don’t want it sold, then there we are.


Next to it at the moment is this Paris and Milk piece from back in 2006.


Over the other side of the street, there’ just this on a window that’s been tagged a bit, comedy.


Next to the Paris and Milk some Souls on Fire antics by the look of it.


Here’s something odd, if you click on the photo below, you can see two hand prints in black and red paint slightly to the right of the middle of the piece. Did the person who splashed the Banksy wipe their hands here on the way off?


The end wall of the street has loads of stuff on, and runs into an alley which will be blogged a bit later, but here are a couple of bits from the immediate vicinity, an Inkie…


..and some more Souls on Fire stuff, or is this someone else?



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4 responses to “Round Cato Street

  1. Boswell

    yeah the last one is Pen/Boswell SOF

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Wicked, cheers man.

  3. josh

    whats that big block of qood over the banksy piece?
    covering the signature i presume.

  4. bristolgraffiti

    Nope, it’s covering the street name. One of the two Banksy sigs in the piece was just above it, but that small splodge of paint above and to the right of the block was done to take out the stenciled sig that was there. The other sig one the other end went with the big mass of paint on the left of the piece.

    Seems whoever did it knew what they were doing.

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