Advertising Board On Perry Road

Funny one this, these advertising boards on Perry Road (next to where Workshop was) are usually fully advertising’ed up, but seems recently they’ve been left covered over in grey paper. Sign of the times that people are canceling their pre-booked adverts perhaps?

Anyway, this went up on them the other week, the familiar skull and brains, though no idea who actually does them.


Seems the grey paper doesn’t last too well, or was perhaps nicked by a collector. Either way this toothy skull’s missing its middle.


And doesn’t looked like it was a well planned piece either, but it’s been done with a disclaimer, comedy.



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3 responses to “Advertising Board On Perry Road

  1. Cornbread

    I wish you wouldn’t post this crap. Just my opinion!
    Doesn’t encourage a high standard of graff in the city.

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Fair enough, thought it made a change from the more art faggy stuff that’s on here sometimes!

  3. A non 'E' mouse

    Looks like the work of the T.S.C (The Shonkey Crew), left hand painting, no sketches, messy art, colour blind Toy lovers. This looks like the hand of Shonkey and Crew Cut. Beautiful Mess…got some missing teef!

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