This Month’s Weapon Of Choice

You know when you’ve known something for so long that you think you’ve told people but you haven’t? This is kinda that situation, as the time’s finally rolled round for the Reader’s Wives Collective to do the return leg of Weapon of Choice, after the WOC chaps headed over to the Channel Islands for some paint pen fun a few months back.

So, representing our offshore territories will be Dred and Rost One from Reader’s Wives, top chaps both. Here’s the flyer…


..and here’s some of Dred’s work for you, to give an idea of the sort of antics he’s gonna be bringing to the mainland…


…and a compiled one, click for biggerness.



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2 responses to “This Month’s Weapon Of Choice

  1. Can’t wait!

    Cheers for posting my show too. Much appreciated.

  2. blackcloud

    readerswives crewdem! boo-yaaaah!

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