Bristol Festival – Boards Still For Sale

So, the exhibition of the boards from the Bristol Festival closed yesterday, and looks like few of them have seen much interest in the end. A shame really, as there’s some top work there, and it’s a good cause, but the point people sometimes seem to miss is that graf/street art on boards may look great, but really isn’t that practical. Have you got space for 25 meters worth of board, 8ft high, in your gaff?

So, they’re all up on ebay now, closing Wedneday, and will be interesting to see what happens then. Certainly it’ll get the work in front of a wider market, and the automatic email pings for people watching for various artist’s names will have gone crazy this morning. There are some smaller bit in there too, since some of the boards got damaged by sun and high winds, some people’s work has ended up as quite nice and canvas sized.

Only a shame they’ve used a new ebay account called bristol-festival to sell it all, as it’s got zero feedback and that may well affect the bidding. Some of the copy in the ads is a bit dodgy too, spellcheck would have been handy, and if there is a reserve price on some of the pieces too (as an email out about it suggests) then could have mentioned that too.

But otherwise if you’re into this stuff, and have the space, then check out the items on ebay here


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5 responses to “Bristol Festival – Boards Still For Sale

  1. The boards have had loads of interest! Almost everything has bids on. The ebay account was supposed to go up the same day as the exhibition but the organizer of the bristol festival, who’s idea it was for ebay account (hence the name) has had a few teething problems… so has only been able to get the work up as the show was ending… the bids on ebay are not the same as the bids we have in paper and will automatically start at £0. This does not mean the piece doesn’t already has a bid on it. The ebay account was started so if anyone who couldn’t make the exhibition in the week still had the chance to bid.

  2. bristolgraffiti

    That’s wicked, glad it’s all worked (and not been for lack of bids at the event). Seemed like a bit of a last minute thing given it wasn’t on the flyer or stuff at the event, but guess not.

    Seems this post’s been picked up on some forums too, which is cool, so lots of traffic looks to have been driven through from that too.

    If anyone out there fancies a bid, then go for it. You couldn’t commission stuff like that cheaper direct from the writer themselves in many cases at the moment…

  3. art-el

    Cheba, fantastic effort from start to finish.

    Well happy, bagged myself the Gumbo & Oath WOC board.

  4. art-el

    And also missed some bargains!!

  5. Thanks for your support art-el 🙂

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