Acer’s New Arrival…

Don’t know if you’ve been watching it, but Acer’s documenting a really interesting process over on his Acerone blog at the moment, the making of a ‘photo-graf’ piece layer by layer, using a somewhat different magic wand. Particularly interested, cos have loved this style of piece ever since randomly whizzing past one in progress up Stokes Croft at the start of the year.

It’s working towards being a print coming out on Let Them Hang soon (it’s been too long since there’s been an opportunity to link to those chaps you know, but happily more news coming soon). So, if you like the image, read about it from how the idea first came about to eventually seeing the finished thing, in however long it’ll be, over at his.

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One response to “Acer’s New Arrival…

  1. I really this theme he’s doing right now. It’s tempting to go for one of these prints, what with me skipping off to emigrate soon, but this end of North Street represents gentrification to me. Soulless rebuilds. Although the chippy down that end is pretty good, used to buy cones of chips in the summer evenings for a quid. If he’d done this back in 96-98, the bottom end of that street where the old nasty jewellers was, he’d have my money quicker than anything.

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