0117 Magazine

The blog got contacted a while back for a short piece on Bristol graffiti/street art/whatever for a new magazine type guide to creativity and Bristol and all that (the sort of stuff the Bristol Blogger loves to cover). Wrote a short piece and it’s in there, but why oh why do sub editors always feel the need to change things? In this instance, Nick Walker (as sent in) has become Nik Walker, and it seems like the sub editor also wanted to raise a doubt that all of the TCF have lived in Bristol at one time or another. Odd.

The article on street art has ended up as more urban art anyway, and glossed over the whole graffiti thing pretty much (though is that a hint at in on the front cover above?)

Anyway, not sure where you can get a copy, but if you do, amongst all the other media loveyness in there are a couple of quite interesting interviews with Mr Jago and Nikill. Worth checking out if you find a copy anyway.

Not much in the way of a website for the whole thing yet it seems, but if there is then the interviews may appear there sometime. Looks like this will be the address for it anyway.


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2 responses to “0117 Magazine

  1. Absolutely typical that they manage to get you involved and then decide to dispute the facts. I consign this to the “yet more wank” pile.

  2. LM

    I’ve skimmed through a copy, paying particular attention to the Graf section, and it truly is ‘a pile of wank’. They’ve chosen to profile some excellent artists, but the whole thing seems to have been together in a rather patronising, cliched way, with paint splats and quirky angles. It’s as if they’re cashing in on the ‘cool graffiti artists’, rather than actually giving them space and respect and listening to what they have to say.


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