‘Not Just Banksy’ Event At UWE

Social media types may well know all about this already, but there’s an event being put together up at UWE at the moment, to be held on November the 17th, called ‘Not just Banksy’. It’s going to be an day/evening for people to come along and learn more about Bristol graffiti and street art generally, same kind of ethos as this blog really.

Lots of cool things being lined up for it, not all fully confirmed at the moment, but the rumours are sounding pretty cool indeed.

Here’s an interesting teaser bit for it though, some strangely close up snaps of a piece that was apparently done up at UWE last autumn by the surprising combo of Seza, Sickboy and Feek.

Seza’s piece…

…a Sickboy character…

…and Feek on his usual top form.

Apparently this big piece along with loads of other stuff is going to be on display at the event, will be interested to check it out.

The Facebook goodness for it (which is how it’s mostly being promoted, being a student event an’ all) is here.

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One response to “‘Not Just Banksy’ Event At UWE

  1. josh

    relly shit idea to put it on a monday =[

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