Bristol Festival / Weapon of Choice Exhibition Opening Night

So, been really intrigued to see this Bedminster venue/new studio space place, venue for the current Bristol Festival Exhibition, since it first cropped up at the Bristol Festival itself. Never know what to expect, but it’s actually pretty darn cool, nice big space, well cleaned up and at the moment looking awesome with some of the work up from the Bristol Festival and previous Weapons of Choice.

These were some of the boards from Weapons of Choice back in the day in the bar area (‘Don’t ask the price, it’s a pound’). Top stuff.

Couple of the other bits, odd seeing them like this all together really, each one was its own night, kinda brings back memories in an odd way.

All round the rest of the venue the boards from the Bristol Festival, well, those that survived the weekend and high winds (some didn’t) were set up all over the walls. Really well done, they almost look better now they’re not all in straight lines and outdoors in a weird way.

Dicy’s bits didn’t survive the conditions too well, so have been chopped into more manageable pieces.

Nikill’s had made it out in one piece.

That’s the thing about a festival like that, don’t even remember the one on the right being there, 3dom’s on the left there looks good though, given how quick a job it was.

They had that cool graffiti computer wall type thing there too, wonder how much they cost…

Guerilla Galleries had themselves a room next to it too, cool when you can just paint signs on things in venues.

Some of the bits in the room, most of them been blogged here before.

And on the floor a comedy police impression of a body, with spray cans marked on too, by Cheba.

Back out in the main room, the other side of the main drag boards from the festival.

Crap photo, but the bits on the stairs were cool, Jeffrow stencils over Ammo’s piece, chopped into tiny canvas sized pieces. A lot of work’s gone into tidying up the pieces from the festival, trimming them and almost reworking some of them through the bandsaw alone. Done a lot of good by the looks of it, given how wrecked some of them were in the end (never buy cheap boards!).

As you’d expect, there were some Weapon of Choice live painting antics going on in the bar tonight too…

…Cheba, Lokey and Nikill working their side…

…45RPM, Cheo and the like getting on with theirs.

Really wasn’t sure what to expect from this, but it’s actually a really cool exhibition, and even if you saw the work at the festival or at Weapon of Choice, you really should still get down there and check it out again in this space. Top space and top work.

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One response to “Bristol Festival / Weapon of Choice Exhibition Opening Night

  1. It’s a really bizarre location, I knew the road (it’s around the corner from my house, not sure if I’ll visit tho), but had to check on the map because I thought it was one of the ones off North Street for a bit.

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