Upfest Compilation Video

Normal service still a day away sadly, but in the meantime, here’s the compilation video of shots from Upfest for those as haven’t seen it yet…


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9 responses to “Upfest Compilation Video

  1. bobby dazzler

    could have done with a few more stencil artists at this event, i could only count 47,000 and they were just the ones doing one colour pictures of saddam sucking off ghandi whilst being arrested by a rat.

  2. josh

    hey i love this blog its super!!!

    have you seen this bristol graffiti book? did you make it?


  3. tommy norris

    missed it ,looked like a good day
    video is pants
    really pants
    shame lad .

  4. bristolgraffiti

    Ain’t my video mate, just a random one from the Youtubes…

  5. LOL.. more stencil artists bobby d. !!!!

    22 freehand /other media
    16 stencillists !!

    Maybe you just noticed the stencils more …..

  6. Cornbread

    @ SPQR: Yeah but ten of the freehand artists had one 8′ x 4′ each, most of whom are long-standing and well established; whereas the car park seemed full of first-timers getting all big on they selves. Really wasn’t feeling this and the video’s even worse, although everyone else seemed to have fun.
    BTW: remind me, just how much illegal painting have you actually ever done, mate? The generic and derivative nature of your work precludes me from taking anything you say seriously. Get an imagination mate. Black and white ironic stencils?? Pleeeease! No more!

  7. LOL i dont want you to take anything i say seriously !! especially as all i have added to the debate is the actual numbers of artists of different genres in attendance ! The best place i.m.o. to be was on the yard as thats where people sit .. the car park will just be admired by cars !!!while we are at it – I didnt see anyone getting all ‘big’ on themselves ..i think the ‘everyone seemed to have fun ‘ is the important issue here , dont forget it was all for charity after all ..

    BTW .. oh yes , let me just list for you on the internet everything ‘illegal’ i have ever done !! i do not sign or tag street work as i do not do it for any kind of accolade , i do not want to ‘earn’ respect or use the street as free advertising ,mate…..
    And lastly thankyou for the ‘critique’ on the pieces of my work you have seen , glad you care enough to bother ..

  8. I checked this out yesterday… it was a bit too much for me. Lots of nice little bits and pieces that didn’t really combine into anything interesting except looking like a Tristan Manco book exploded. Stand out pieces = the Twiggy piece, SPQR’s stuff, and some dude called K74 who also put some fab headless chicken stencils up along North Street – including one outside one of the butchers (on my flickr if you want to grab & repost it, mr blog man).

    Some of the stuff in the car park was pretty nice too.

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