Back At It…

Sorry for lack of posting for the last few days, the return of the students to Bristol seems to shake up the pool of illnesses running around the city really well, and one found its way to this blog, very boring.

Annoying too, as there’s tons of top content at the moment, will try and play catch up as best as can over the next day or so.

But here’s a bit of newness from round Stokes Croft last weekend to kick things off

Some new BC work just by the massage parlour, is odd how these boards seem to get taken down and replaced in random sections over time. Is someone buying them up or something?

Whilst further along and across the road, some boards that have been blank for a few weeks seemed to be being finally sorted out. Not been back over that way to see the finished piece yet, anyone any ideas?


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3 responses to “Back At It…

  1. Whilst it looks like it could be rather a nice picture, I do wish more care would be taken to not block the whole of the pavement!

    Not much fun for people in motability chariots or wheelchairs, or those with prams or pushchairs, to have to leave the (relative) safety of what is a busy pedestrian footpath and venture out onto an even busier road, just to get past. It was the same with the Clockwork paint job.


    The wacky 9-11 ‘inside job’ piece on the other side of the road – where the pavement is narrower – was created without completely blocking off the way, so it can be done.

  2. Not sure what happens to that particular section of boards either. At the opposite end to that Rowdy/Sweet Tooth someone simply painted over the Dan piece in blue paint. This has left a series of just visible heads (from the Work, Reast, Play, Consume piece) which looks kinda interesting. Shame though as was one of my favourites on that stretch.

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