Nick Walker Vandal Vandalised…

Some of you will have seen this already, seems like it happened last weekend, but the Nick Walker piece on the Highbury Vaults up in High Kingsdown of the vandal climbing up the wall has itself been vandalised.

(Thanks to Free Cash for the photo)

Shame in a way, was a nice piece, but increasingly thinking that at the end of the day it’s no different to any other piece getting buffed off or painted over anywhere else. It also creates some post-modern irony for all the Bristol Uni students inside the pub to talk loudly about too.


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3 responses to “Nick Walker Vandal Vandalised…

  1. Spuddy Holly

    Corrr, whoever chucked the paint up there had a bloody good aim on em!
    I kinda like the new addition to it…

  2. This was a weak piece, going over it like that = improvement.

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