Bristol Festival Graf – The Exhibition

Mentioned this briefly before, but looks like everything’s been finalised for it now, an exhibition of the work done around the Bristol Festival site a few weekends ago.

There’s a flyer that this computer doesn’t seem to want to upload at the moment which gives most of the details, but here’s the details for screen readers and the like…

Weapon of Choice presents:

The Bristol Festival Exhibition.

The largest collection of street art and graffiti from over 50 of Bristol’s most influential urban artists, created at the Bristol Festival just a few weeks ago and at the last 6 months of Bristol’s hugely successful Weapon of Choice club nights. All works are available to purchase through sealed bids, with the profits going towards next year’s Bristol Festival Art Fund and Great Ormond Street Children’s Charity.

…and many more!

Opening Event Friday 24th October 7pm with drinks, music, live painting and Yr Wall; an interactive digital graffiti wall.

This is a unique opportunity to view or purchase works ranging from 25m long boards featuring original works by the artists that inspired Banksy, to small canvases from Guerilla Galleries.

Some of the works to be exhibited can be seen on the attached image.

Location: The Winterstoke Centre, Lynwood Road, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 3HH, which will also be showcasing artist studio space available after the exhibition. Map on attached invite.

Saturday 25th October – Sunday 2nd November
Open everyday including weekends noon-7pm or by appointment outside of these hours.
Last bids accepted Wednesday 5th November noon. Bids may be submitted to the representatives at the exhibition or via email The winning bidders will be notified by Wednesday 5th November 5pm.


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5 responses to “Bristol Festival Graf – The Exhibition

  1. den of iniquity

    what a line up… artfags, wannabes, never-was’s, toys, part timers, snitches, snakes and shit talkers. bristol is on fire!

  2. oooo! your so bitter! who’s who then?? don’t be shy!

  3. Bilko

    Im a wannabe artfag shit talking toy myself…

  4. required

    Shouldnt that be “never-weres”?

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