SPQR On The Full Moon

This was done round the middle of the last week, just before the opening of the SPQR show over the other side of the bearpit.

On the side of the Full Moon pub at the bottom of Stokes Croft, a large SPQR character.

Must go and check the show out sometime soon too, once it’s all calmed down a bit.


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3 responses to “SPQR On The Full Moon

  1. jerforceone

    i like this’un !

  2. thats bare jokes yeah. like, an astronaut with shopping bags! well random man! who would’ve thought that such things could be juxtaposed in such an awesome bit of street art? like, out here on the streets and ting blud ya get me? and in black and white too, cos like all street art is black and white yeah? thats how you know its street art and not something else. its just bare clever. wait till i tell my chums at uni about this!

  3. bristolgraffiti

    Bless you Tarquin, and all the other comments over the last few months that have come from the same place. Shame you can’t even google the bristol uni email address format before you submit your response huh?

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