New Blog – Children Of The Can

Some of you will have heard already of the masterwork on Bristol Graffiti being prepared by Flx over the last few months, which looks like being one of the most authoritative works on the whole subject for, well, ever.

Well, looks like we don’t just get a new book, but a new Bristol graf related blog into the bargain too, excellent.

So, welcome to the ‘blogsphere’, Flx’s ‘Children Of The Can‘ blog!


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3 responses to “New Blog – Children Of The Can

  1. jerforceone

    can’t wait for this gem , had a sneek peek and its of the hook !…

  2. den of iniquity

    hope its got some 45RPM, Space and Keep Things Fresh crew. they are saving bristol graffiti from the train painters and all city bombers. someone needs to do it now that Xenz has disappeared up his own rectum and Inkie is perrenially being dogged by DDS in london.

    i’ll steal a copy to wipe my arse with. theres a months worth of loo roll there.


  3. den of iniquity
    what exactly are you doing to contribute then??????

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