Nick Walker On Welshback?

Thanks to Jer for the heads up on this one, what looks like a new Nick Walker down at the end of Welshback, on the corner where it meets Redcliffe Way.

It’s on the side of the old Scrapstore building (and probably formerly many other things too), a vandal figure with the umbrella with the logo.

Having said it’s Nick Walker, it seems a little odd, as it’s only two colours, and the vandal logo looks a little flakey. It doesn’t seem to be signed anywhere either, when most of these bits generally are. Still though, go and check it out and see what you think.

This piece got me thinking back to the stuff that used to be round here too, that massive Lokey and Banksy wall on the building that was demolished for one. There’s photos of it around, but must put some up here too some day, was a top piece.


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3 responses to “Nick Walker On Welshback?

  1. was not signed either, but couldn’t be a fake if it tried.

    I am guessing the Vandal logo is supposed to look rained on.

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Yeah, guess, but there’s no delicate stencil work in this one like that one, and it looks different from other vandal stuff. Sure it is genuine, just some odd differences from normal.

  3. flx

    It is Nick, had to bail before putting colour layer on due to ‘city heat’

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