Sepr, Epok, Poer And Poissibly Others Up The Gloucester Road

This was going on last week, and not sure how much further on it’s comes since, but up the Gloucester Road there’s a new gum opening, and they’ve got the KTF crew to come along and paint it up outside.

It’s not finished yet, or perhaps may be by now, but this is where things were up to about a week ago.

This dood greats you as you head into the car park.

Another character just a bit further down, can you tell there’s a weightlifting theme going on here yet?

Along the other side of the entrance to the car park there was this at that stage

Close up of the pigs…

…and the meaner looking dood with his bling going on.

Boxing up the back, couldn’t quite work out the skeleton reference, but then it wasn’t finished yet.

Will go back and check it out again soon.

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