Down The St Werburghs Tunnel

Haven’t properly covered this tunnel yet since the PRSC turned it into a decent painting place all those months back now. It’s not for lack of photos it’s been missed, and have some more to post here sometime, but seems to make sense to start with what’s there now.

Seems like there’s pretty often new stuff going up there which is cool, this weekend it was 3Dom with some writers over from Australia, can’t remember their names but maybe someone here will know.

3Dom at work on his piece…

…and the piece by one of the Australians…

…and another (pretty sure they were over from Aus anyway)

Other stuff there at the moment, this Haka piece

Presumably Silent Hobo, over the top of a very cool Jeffrow piece.

Unmistakably Paris.

Pen and Rowdy

This Cyclops piece has lasted pretty well considering

Boswell (another artist doing the threenine thing at the moment) and 3rd Eye, love the characters

If you haven’t been down there yet, then check it out, you can get a top pint at The Farm down that way too…


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3 responses to “Down The St Werburghs Tunnel

  1. Was that you there with a tripod on sunday afternoon? While the aussies were trying to stand on each other’s shoulder’s to paint the top? If so, I was there too

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Hah, if i used a tripod and still took photos that shit, i’d be looking for a refund on it! So nope, wasn’t me, Bristol’s shutterbug city innit…

  3. Ozzie writers were SNUF and REW, plus the two guys trying to get to the top were both British, 3DOM and me – 3DOM was the fat bastard and me the weak one!

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