Big Event Coming Up

Ever wonder what happened to all those boards that were painted at the Bristol Festival a couple of weeks or so ago?

Well, they’re all safe, and are going to be going on display and sale at an event as part of an exhibition sometime this month, probably towards the end of it. They’re going to be sold in a silent auction, so just put in a bid and see if you get lucky if there was anything there that took your fancy. All profits go back into the Bristol Festival to make it even bigger and better next year.

At the same event, the first six months worth of boards from Weapon of Choice will be on auction that night, with the proceeds going to a charity for blind children, there’s some top stuff in there so should do well.

Even more surprisingly, there’s talk of some additional canvasses being up for auction that night, possibly even with a couple of Banksys in there too, which would be awesome if it comes together.

Alongside all this there’s going to be cool stuff for people without the cash to splash, projections of the painting being done at the festival, the same virtual graffiti wall as was outside the festival arena, a bar, possibly with some freeness going on, big sound system and more live painting antics.

Will give you a heads up when more details have been confirmed!

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One response to “Big Event Coming Up

  1. gallimaufries

    This is a pretty neat site!

    I don’t even live in Bristol, nor have I ever left graffiti (sadly) on any walls where I live.

    I just chanced upon this blog out of nowhere and from going through your entries, what I can say is that what you’re doing here is great.

    Keep it up! =)

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