Guerrilla Galleries Broader Than Broadmead Show Preview

So, the summer’s over, the nights are drawing in, and it’s back to it for Guerrilla Galleries, with a new show opening tonight – ‘Broader Than Broadmead’. Have to say the stuff here seems preferable to what’s down Circusmead (love it…) at the moment. And you can smoke outside the gallery if you want.

So, some preview snaps of what’s there. This is Tribe One, who did the pieces outside Angry Dave’s on the Christmas Steps a while back. More graf based than some of the stuff in the show, but it all hangs together well by the looks of things.

Couple of pieces fresh out the studio from Dicy

Zase was a bit of an enigma for this blog for a while, so really interested to see some pieces on canvas at last. They’ve been given a big wall of their own in this show, and it works.

Closer upper on the greener one

Next to them there’s this grey-white one, which looks ace despite being pretty colourless

3 bits from 3rd Eye, love the one on metal on the right there

Few new bits from Dora too, including this rather buxom lady

Cheo’s got a couple of nice new bits in this show, this small piece…

…and this wicked minimalist piece. Really have to see it in the flesh to appreciate it, shows that sometimes les can be a whole lot more.

Lokey can and cap, there’s some other top Lokey stuff in this show too that’s well worth checking out

Finally a small piece from Oath, there may be more of them up there by the time it opens, delivery awaited!

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