Interesting New Gallery Opening On Gloucester Road

Ever spotted this small old flower shop on Gloucester Road?

Well, it’s soon to be a small old flower shop no more, as Bristol bods Tom Friend and Geoff Barrow (who was apparently in some band or other sometime) are setting up a gallery there to showcase what’s being described as ‘Outsider Art’. Not strictly a graf gallery then, but both of them have been around long enough and know their stuff on that score, and the gallery’s going to be featuring the likes of Paris, Eco and Mudwig amongst others, so it’s not a million miles off now is it (and the photo above’s got a tag in it too).

If you want to follow their progress, they’ve got a natty little blog going at, and you can check it out from the opening night onwards ( 6pm to 9pm, Wednesday 15th October, followed by drinks in Hush Hush down the road) at;

Friend & Co. Artworks
8 The Promenade
Gloucester Road

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